Pacific Prime Business School (PPBS) was established in May 2018 with the vision of returning education in Myanmar back to the high international reputation that the country's universities used to enjoy. PPBS vision is to be the affordable and quality international education provider that enables students to develop the know-how to achieve their professional goals, improve productivity in their organizations and provide values to their communities.

The school focuses on a holistic learning approach, using unique teaching methods such as game-based, project and problem-based learning, to nurture a new generation of creative, innovative and practical individuals for a dynamic world, especially for the development of Myanmar. PPBS center of attention is on improving educational quality and delivering a robust, real world education, it has been able to assemble experienced faculty members and in partnership with leading international universities. Our strong business networks also support genuine opportunities for our students’ career development. So, get ready for your future at Pacific Prime Business School (PPBS) “SCHOOL FOR LEADERS”.


PPBS envisions global recognition for developing innovative programs that hone future leaders and visionaries in fields that contribute significantly to progress and growth in Myanmar society. To ensure academic quality with an international recognition using unique learning pedagogies and to enable our students to possess the best employability prospects in the industry. Focusing on value of teamwork and communication, ownership and continuous improvement with PPBS Team.


PPBS commits to produce future leaders and trailblazers by providing a venue for the incubation and realization of ideas through lasting and meaningful partnerships with leading industries. The school intends to inspire its students to pursue their passions and be of service to mankind by developing real world solutions to pressing global issues. To be the trusted international education provider in Myanmar in providing affordable and quality education that nurtures future leaders that contribute to the development of our communities, creates highly employable individuals with our international programs through quality education.